Mode d’emploi

Some Indications for the Felicitous Utilization of this Site

There is no “correct” order in which to navigate the various dimensions of the Valaco Archive. Nevertheless, some familiarity with the architecture of this website will enhance the user’s experience.

  • The terms in crimson text spread across the top of the screen, just beneath the banner, comprise the Archive’s principal domains. For a general introduction to each domain and the logic that governs its contents, first click directly on its parent heading (that is, the “crimson term” itself–“Home”; “Frame”; “Schriftatlas”; etc.–rather than one of the sub-headings that appear when hovering the cursor over the heading). This will bring you to a brief text that describes the grouping of archival elements in question.
  • The cream-colored box on the upper left-hand side of the screen serves as a secondary menu, with its own rationale and its own system of organization of the Valaco Archive materials. By using the headings and sub-headings of the secondary menu, the user will encounter many of the same elements available elsewhere, albeit in alternative groupings meant to dynamize or complicate their possible meanings.
  • One is always free to navigate directly to the materials contained under any one of the sub-headings listed under any of the main rubrics in either of the two menus. Likewise, one may wish to experience the Valaco Archive materials in the reverse chronological order of their acquisition. For this, one need only navigate by means of the “Recently Added” feature on the upper-right side of the screen; alternatively, should one wish to view the archive in its chronological entirety, one may turn to the “Acquisitions Register” included in the main menu (the penultimate “crimson term” at the top of the screen as you move rightward).
  • The penultimate heading in the main menu (moving from left to right), “Interface,” links to an electronic form that visitors may use to communicate with REASArch regarding the Valaco Archive Project. Those with information pertaining to Valaco himself, or with compelling evidence of his travels, his possessions, or his system of thought, are encouraged to contact us.
  • Please note: the Valaco Archive website is a work in progress, with much material yet to be acquired, assessed, and cataloged, hence the various sub-headings still lacking in material or, in some cases, devoid of content altogether. The user is urged to frequent the site regularly in order to stay abreast of the Archive’s continual evolution.